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ISBM School.
Rossgassmoos 10,
6130 Luzern,
+41 44 3210123

Bank Account
Bank Name: UBS Switzerland AG
Bank Address: Postfach, 6002 Luzern
Account Name: ISBM AG
IBAN: CH05 0024 8248 1352 8201
BIC (Swiftcode): UBSWCHZH80A
ISBM Adresse: Rossgassmoos 10, 6130 Wilisau, Switzerland

Is ISBM allowed by the Board of Education to operate and issue its awards?
yes, according to the Letter from the Department of Vocational Training and Further Education in the Canton of Luzern (Dienststelle Berufs- und Weiterbildung) ISBM is allowed to offer teachings as well as handing out diplomas in its own name

Can I use the Title after Graduation in Switzerland?
Yes, in Switzerland, after graduation you have the right to use the title you get from private schools in Switzerland.

How long it takes me do finish the Bachelor program?
It takes 4 years

How long it takes me do finish the Master program?
It takes 2 years

How long it takes me do finish the Doctorate program?
It takes 3 years

I want the stamp of my embassy of the degree, is it possible?
Yes, we can stamp our awards from all embassies in Switzerland

How much it cost for my embassy legalization?
900 CHF is the total cost for all stamps (except few countries like UAE...)

If I study 3 years online, can I move final year to on-campus?
No, online and on-campus are two different programs and transfer within the program is not possible.

Do I have a supervisor during my thesis period?
For On-Campus students: yes, you will have
For On-Line students: you can have a supervisor for additional cost of 500 CHF per year, however on our online campus you will find full information on how to build a thesis

How much it cost the thesis defense?
For On-Campus students: its included in your study fee
For On-Line students: 190 Euro

Beni Haldimann

Beni Haldimann Switzerland

“The global network that ISBM has offered me from the start is fascinating.”
Kyrollos Boules

Kyrollos Boules Egypt

“Because I am so interested in business managment ISBM to me is the gate of my dreams”
Monique van de Ven

Monique van de Ven Holland

“I am so happy because of multiculture and the environment of ISBM”
ISBM Alumni

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“I can’t wait to get started with ISBM. I’m amazed at its unique Business School.”

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