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ISBM School.
Rossgassmoos 10,
6130 Luzern,
+41 44 3210123

A Master of Science in Information Systems Management is a post-graduate program designed to provide its student with competencies in the field of Information Technology and its application in business. With today’s business operations largely conducted in computers and on the Internet, graduates of this degree are becoming more and more in demand since companies need to embrace the field of Information Technology in order to compete in a fast paced global economy. Students who wish to enrol in this program must have a 3-4year bachelor’s degree in related fields such as engineering, business or information technology.

Students will learn skills on how to conduct business operations with the help of modern technology as well as adapting already existing business models to utilize available technology to function more efficiently and effectively. Other skills include managing databases, including technology in business operations, formulating strategies to utilize information technology to advance the goals of the organization and promoting innovative business practices using available technology. Students will also learn efficient research methodologies during their stay in the program.

The program is highly recommended for those who are aspiring for managerial positions in business whose main focus is in the Information Technology industry or those that use technology to conduct the majority of their business. Graduates also have the option of being freelancers working as consultants for large corporations as well as small to medium enterprises as well as other institutions both in the public and private sector. Recent studies show that those who have a specialization in the field of Information Technology have the highest salary in almost every area of business from finance to the service sectors.

Double Master Degree:TNU logo smaller

All students for all levels will have a Dual Degree with V.I.Vernadsky Taurida National University (TNU) which is a European State University Founded in 100 years ago.


Online courses are extremely flexible so you can also consider getting enrolled in them for convenience.

  • How long should be my thesis?
    • Master: Usually from 15.000 words
    • Executive Master: Usually from 10.000 words
  • Study Language: English
  • We have 5 intakes per year: February, April, July, September or November.

Admission Requirements:

Executive Master

  • Duration: 1 year 
  • Age: Minimum age of 21 years
  • Previous study: Bachelor degree or equivalent /OR/ 5 Years experience in the same field of study.
  • English level: IELTS 6 OR TOEFL Paper Based 550/ Internet Based 79 or equivalent
  • Fee for Online study program: 5900* Swiss Francs per year
  • Fee for On-Campus in Switzerland study program (Only Hospitality program, acceptance to this program is regulated by the State): 20.000 Swiss Francs per year for  (includes health insurance for one year, food, accommodation, and airport pick up) + 100 CHF registration fee. Students will have after 6 months paid internship of Min. 2172 Swiss Francs per month according to LGAV Art. 11 (Minimum 13032 Swiss Francs per year you will earn as gross salary), 2nd-year fee is 7500 CHF (only study fee),
    • Procedure for on-campus education: Application documents =>> receipt of registration fee 100 CHF =>> Offer Letter =>> Down Payment CHF 3000 =>> Letter of Acceptance which will be used to obtain the swiss visa =>> In Case of Visa Authorization rest of the Tuition Fee to be Paid in School's bank account =>> in case of Rejection CHF 3000 will be refunded.

Master Modules

Core Modules for all Master programs, however, students who are doing one of our specializations programs will have 1-2 additional modules + the thesis topic must be about the specialization

ISBM Subjects in alphabetic Order


  1. Accounting and Financial Management
  2. Advanced Human Resources
  3. Advanced Study Skills for International Postgraduate
  4. Global Marketing
  5. Research Methods
  6. Strategic Leadership
  7. Strategic Organisational Leadership
  8. Systems and Information Management
  9. IF YOU HAVA ANY Specialisation 1
  10. IF YOU HAVA ANY Specialisation 2

2nd year: Thesis writing and defense 

Executive Master

1st and 2nd Terms: 6 Modules from the following:

  1. Accounting and Financial Management (Selective)
  2. Advanced Human Resources (Selective)
  3. Advanced Study Skills for International Postgraduate (Obligatory)
  4. Global Marketing (Selective)
  5. Research Methods (Obligatory)
  6. Strategic Leadership (Selective)
  7. Strategic Organisational Leadership (Selective)
  8. Systems and Information Management (Selective)
  9. IF YOU HAVA A Specialisation 1&2 (Obligatory)

2nd, 3rd & 4th: Thesis g and defense 

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You have to attach the follwoing Documents:

  1. Copy of your Passport/ID
  2. Copy of you highest Diploma + Transcript
  3. Copy of your Work references (If Any)
  4. Copy of English Certificate
  5. CV
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* Please note

For Online study programs: there is 90 Swiss Francs registration fee + 90 Swiss Francs for the final exam, the full fee must be paid before you start, or you can pay the fee in 2 installments, 1995+1995 Swiss Francs. 

for On-Campus study program: 2990 Swiss Francs registration fee, full study fee must be paid after visa approval and before arriving in Switzerland.

Triple Award: ISBM students can have a triple award in cooperation with UCN University for 3000 Euro additional to our fee

  • Universidad Central de Nicaragua - Nicaragua
Beni Haldimann

Beni Haldimann Switzerland

“The global network that ISBM has offered me from the start is fascinating.”
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Kyrollos Boules Egypt

“Because I am so interested in business managment ISBM to me is the gate of my dreams”
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Monique van de Ven Holland

“I am so happy because of multiculture and the environment of ISBM”
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“I can’t wait to get started with ISBM. I’m amazed at its unique Business School.”

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