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Basic Information

  1. Class subjects, meeting times and enrollment will be decided at Dean’s discretion. Each student will be informed of the specific academic requirements for each course at the beginning of the term.
  2. Attendance at all classes and required field trips is compulsory unless a student provides a valid reason or has requested an absence in advance from the Dean and has been excused. Any unauthorized absences will affect the student’s final grade and could result in a failure. Tutors reserve the right to refuse admission to students who arrive late to class.
  3. Students are required to attend 85% of lectures per subject in order to qualify for writing the final examination for that subject. Failure to achieve a minimum of 85% attendance in any given subject will result in a student not being allowed to write the final exam. The final exam may then be written at a later date when the next set of final exams for that course is written. A re-sit fee will be payable before the final exam may be written.
  4. Students will be permitted to change course selections during Registration, subject to availability of alternative courses.
  5. Students must complete all reading or set tasks required by the tutor and to be prepared to discuss the material in class on the assigned date.
  6. All assigned essays and other written work are compulsory and must be submitted weekly. Work handed in late without prior authorization or an acceptable excuse will be downgraded.
  7. Failure to produce the required work may result in either grade “F” or “Incomplete” for the course.
  8. Attendance at midterm and final exams on the dates assigned is compulsory. Failure to take either exam will result in a grade “F” for the course. The Dean may excuse a student due to a medical condition at the time of the exam.
  9. The final grades for all courses are at the tutor’s discretion and how they are derived is detailed in each course syllabus. The Dean’s decision is final in all academic matters including attendance, grades, etc.
  10. All students are required to meet with the Dean and/or Director of Studies for academic assessments (Collections) at designated times.
  11. Cheating and plagiarism of any kind in a student’s work will not be tolerated. Any student suspected of cheating or plagiarism will be brought before the Disciplinary Committee, which may result in a “Fail” grade in the course and possible expulsion from the program.
  12. Any student publishes online or anywhere any negative comment about the school will be withdrawn from the school without any refund.
  13. When warranted, a petition for a grade of “Incomplete” must be submitted prior to final exams by the student, with the agreement of the tutor, for approval by the Registrar and Academic Committee. A grade of “Incomplete” will normally be allowed only if the student was unable to complete all course work due to a medical condition or another reasonable excuse.
  14. A student whose term grade point average falls below 2.0 (grade C) will be placed on Academic Probation for the following term and the number of courses the student is allowed to take may be restricted. The student’s Academic Probation status will appear on the official transcript. If a student remains on Academic Probation for two terms, he or she may be asked to withdraw from the program.
  15. A student who violates any social or academic regulation of the School, or whose behavior is otherwise deemed unacceptable, may be called before the Academic or Disciplinary Committee and may be dismissed.
  16. The student must pass all study program in order to be awarded our diploma/degree
Beni Haldimann

Beni Haldimann Switzerland

“The global network that ISBM has offered me from the start is fascinating.”
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Kyrollos Boules Egypt

“Because I am so interested in business managment ISBM to me is the gate of my dreams”
Monique van de Ven

Monique van de Ven Holland

“I am so happy because of multiculture and the environment of ISBM”
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