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ISBM School.
Rossgassmoos 10,
6130 Luzern,
+41 44 3210123

Welcome to
ISBM: International School of Business Management
If Business Insight is your Passion, ISBM is your Destination

March 1999 started the Idea of an affordable Business Education, in December 2004 the school idea becomes more needed for International Students who are looking for a Swiss Quality Education with an affordable study fee, in 2016 the ISBM school management team started offering new programs with different study methods.

We are a blend of international experts in the field of hospitality, tourism, and business and we are continuously striving to provide high-quality education, professional training in hospitality, tourism and business management and connections across the globe. "We believe that success is all about taking the right steps and that dreams can always be achieved" If you are ready to raise your professional career and explore a world of opportunities, chase your dreams with ISBM.

ISBM already has become one among the leading hospitality and business schools in Switzerland, most of our study courses are in Hospitality, Tourism, and Business 

These studies within the team are really well equipped to handle the academic and also career advancement and additionally assist you in competitor favorable with alternative colleagues around the world. Additionally, to the sound data you’d receive from the college, your skills possibly would be horny in the field and you'd notice it simple to figure with people around the world.

The ISBM is a dynamic, fashionable college within the heart of Switzerland, with attention upon all the aspects of management as well as business trade. There's a protracted tradition of the hospitality management in Switzerland, and it's the perfect setting for youth from everywhere the planet desire to review within the most significant business and also management professions. Many students study distance and study with a cluster of scholars for a protracted amount and from fully foreign cultures.

This group tends to so provide them uninterrupted support from the time they begin finding out till completion of the studies. Even when they need to be graduated this group is invariably out there to pay attention to their queries. Students study the hospitality as well as the management sector in an exceedingly acquainted atmosphere. The curricula embody all subjects associated with hospitality, tourism and business management, and also when the courses students will undertake applicable to continue finding out. The manageable size allows singly supported teaching as well as considers the cultural and spiritual backgrounds of every individual.

This Education cluster provides technical knowledge learning facilities and also these cluster learning facilities are additionally a great deal versatile and also it provides terribly simple learning opportunities for all the members. This cluster additionally follows the college info once they offer support to the members. The lecturers of this cluster offer the members full support and that they attempt to build the educational simple. The ISBM academic cluster is incredibly a lot of useful cluster and it invariably attempts to facilitate its members that are why it also provides distance education facilities. To supply distance education facility the education group is designed some tutorials and therefore the students who are not able to attend the category and who are not the part of the categories owing to their job, they'll collect the tutorials. This facility is an absolutely sensible facility for all the members of this cluster. 

ISBM AG is a part of the IEEGS International Education and Enlightenments Group in Switzerland

Bank Account: 

Bank Name: UBS Switzerland AG
Bank Address: Postfach, 6002 Luzern
Account Name: ISBM AG
IBAN: CH05 0024 8248 1352 8201
BIC (Swiftcode): UBSWCHZH80A
ISBM Adresse: Rossgassmoos 10, 6130 Wilisau, Switzerland

Beni Haldimann

Beni Haldimann Switzerland

“The global network that ISBM has offered me from the start is fascinating.”
Kyrollos Boules

Kyrollos Boules Egypt

“Because I am so interested in business managment ISBM to me is the gate of my dreams”
Monique van de Ven

Monique van de Ven Holland

“I am so happy because of multiculture and the environment of ISBM”
ISBM Alumni

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“I can’t wait to get started with ISBM. I’m amazed at its unique Business School.”

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